If you live in any of the United States’ warmer or drier climates, you’ve probably experienced the massive monthly bills that come with keeping your lawn hydrated every month. What you might not know, though, is that all the water homeowners use to water their lawns contributes to nation-wide droughts and environmental damage each year.

Every Drop Counts

Water is one of the world’s most precious, finite commodities. Though 70 percent of the world is covered in water, only a mere one percent is fit for human use or consumption. Residents of the United States alone consume thousands of gallons of water each year in an effort to keep their lawns healthy and green. Each gallon spent on lawn care contributes to a nationwide water deficit. Experts suggest that Americans could consume up to 30% less water each day by installing water-efficient appliances in their homes, including those for lawn care.

There’s no more water-efficient lawn care option than artificial grass. Artificial grass requires absolutely no watering, allowing you to both save valuable money on water expenses and do your part to save the planet, all at the same time. Artificial grass lawns require minimal maintenance and care, which significantly cuts down on water consumption. Saving even a few gallons of water each day on lawn care can add up to major water conservation in the long run.

Advanced Grass Artificial Grass is dedicated to the cause of water conservation. Our products provide clients with beautifully green grass without the added hassle of having to water it. Each artificial lawn has the potential to save homeowners from consuming (and paying for) hundreds of gallons of water each year. These valuable gallons of water can be especially crucial in times of water deficit, which occur often, particularly in the southern United States.

Artificial Grass

Government Rebates

As an added bonus, our water-saving artificial lawns can actually save consumers money on their taxes as well. Cities in draught-prone states such as California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas offer substantial rebates to home and business owners that choose to install artificial and synthetic lawns. So, customers can do their part of the environment, save money on their water bill, and get a little extra money in their pocket in the process.

Remember, when it comes to our planet, every bit of effort helps. Advanced Grass is committed to helping customers cut down on their water usage in order to save time, money, and our most valuable of natural resources.

Every drop counts!