Why Buy Artificial Grass from Advanced Grass?

Artificial grass is one of the simplest, most effective ways that homeowners can save money each year. Not only is artificial grass extremely easy to install, but it can also save homeowners more than the cost of installation in only a few years. Properly installed artificial lawns can also add value to homes going on the market due to their convenience and aesthetic appeal. In addition, they eliminate the need for the sometimes harsh chemicals that homeowners use to kill weeds and fertilize the lawns.

Advanced Grass will work with you to decide what kind of grass is right for you and your lawn based on your personal preferences, pricing, and what kind of use your lawn typically receives. We can provide you with expert advice to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with your final product. We also work with capable contractors and dealers to ensure that our artificial grasses are sold and installed conveniently and at the lowest price possible.

Artificial Grass Installation

How Does it Save Money?

Most homeowners don’t realize how much money they spend on lawn care each year. Between professional lawn maintenance, lawn mower repairs, and water bills, homeowners can end up spending thousands of dollars on simple lawn upkeep every year. By installing an artificial lawn from an artificial grass supplier like Advanced Grass, homeowners can end their professional maintenance contracts, get rid of their lawn mower, cut their water coasts by only watering specially planted flowers and plants.

Customer satisfaction is Advanced Grass’ first priority, which means that we offer the most competitive pricing on all of our products and services. Our low prices contribute to the money each homeowner can save by installing an artificial lawn. For customers looking for a great deal on artificial grass installation, we offer free quotes, artificial grass samples, and homeowner support for all customers.

Why Buy From Advanced Grass?

Advanced Grass has over 30 years of experience as a premier artificial grass supplier, providing customers with beautiful, reliable, environmentally friendly artificial lawns and synthetic grass. We specialize in providing professional-grade installation services with the highest quality artificial grass on the market. Our selection of artificial grass is specifically produced to appear natural and last for years to come. Advanced Grass also provides packages with additional lawn accessories such as sand and gravel to ensure that all of our customers’ lawns look their best and stand the test of time.

As a premier artificial grass supplier and West Coast distributer, we offer the best products at the best prices. We’ll do whatever we can to always provide our customers with the products and expertise they need.