Artificial Grass Wholesalers

home_dealerThe artificial grass industry has become a fast growing market as more and more people discover the many environmental benefits associated with synthetic grass. The outlook for the Artificial Grass Turf Installation industry is largely positive, with growth expected to pick up relative to that of the previous five years, according to a report from IBISWorld, the nation’s largest publisher of industry research. As demand from residential and non-residential construction markets picks up and consumer and businesses continue to seek ways to reduce water usage and maintenance costs of their lawns and green spaces, artificial turf and grass installations are expected to increase significantly. With increased construction activity, greater funding for schools and a generally strengthening economy to 2016, industry revenue is projected to grow at an annualized rate of 12.3% to $1.2 billion. As artificial grass wholesalers, we want to offer grass to everyone!

According to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, every square foot of natural grass replaced with artificial grass saves an estimated 55 gallons of water per year. Beyond water use reductions, artificial grass and turf can also save on green space maintenance costs and reduce pollution caused by fertilizers and landscaping equipment. Major marketing efforts by industry firms have helped increase adoption of artificial grass and turf, educating customers on the cost and environmental benefits of industry products. The residential market is one of the fastest-growing sources of industry revenue, particularly as cities impose harsher restrictions on water usage and increase water consumption rates. Cities and states have also offered tax credits and rebates for residents and businesses that replace natural grass and turf with synthetic alternatives.

Artificial Turf Wholesale Suppliers

U.S. Drought MapThe shortages of water due to the continuing drought conditions across many US states such as California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Oklahoma are spurring the need for high quality Eco-friendly artificial grass to help conserve water. Soon, mandatory restrictions, limitations and stricter laws will force many Americans to actually stop watering lawns and fields.  These drastic measures, according to California Governor Jerry Brown, are not a matter of “if” but “when.

As a leading artificial grass wholesaler, Advanced Grass is at the forefront of innovative environmental friendly and 100% recyclable synthetic grass.

Advanced Grass is a premium brand US made artificial grass. Our 30 year manufacturing partner is one of the most respected in the industry. Together we produce and distribute one of the most advanced high quality artificial grass in the world.

Advanced Grass is seeking qualified partners across the nation to build our brand and tap into the booming artificial grass industry. This is an opportunity to sell one of the best synthetic grass lines in the industry while getting all the support, marketing and training necessary to successful. There are multiple types of opportunities and arrangements including:

  1. Authorized Stocking Dealer
  2. Authorized Non-Stocking Dealer

If you’re interested in becoming an Authorized Installer of artificial grass in Los Angeles, please visit our Installer Page.