Bluegrass Deluxe Artificial Grass

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Recommended Uses:

1) Commercial & residential landscape
2) Playgrounds
3) Fringes
4) Dog runs

Main Advantages

• 8-year landscape warranty
• 1.50” blade height helps to achieve a natural appearance
• Non-water soluble
• UV stabilized
• No harmful environmental effects
• Non-flammable, ant-acid yard resistant to chemical attack

Bluegrass Ultra

Recommended Use High Traffic
Main Application Landscape
Colors Green Blend

A beautifully manicured lawn all year long regardless of the weather is possible! Advanced Bluegrass Ultra is the preferred choice for certified contractors and installers who want a fresh green look that can sustain a lot of traffic and still look natural.

Are you tired of the never-ending work a natural lawn requires to stay green? Advanced Bluegrass Ultra can give you that same look with the hassle. Our state-of-the-art technology produces a “U” shaped blade that mimics the look of natural grass, while our superior drainage system and organic infill keep it clean and dry.

At Advanced Grass, we care about the look and feel of our synthetic grass products. Advanced Bluegrass Ultra looks natural and feels soft to the touch, not stiff and coarse. Our heat management system regulates the temperature of the grass so the blades stay cool under the hot sun.
What are you waiting for? A beautiful, carefree lawn is possible with Advanced Bluegrass Ultra. Contact us today to learn more about how it can transform your lawn!


Yarn Specs

Fiber type: 100% polyethylene, omega PE monofilament with PP thatch yarn
Fiber mass: 12,000 denier, 3,500 denier (thatch zone)
Color Green Blend

Turf Specs

Tufted pile height: 1.50″
Tufted face weight: 50oz
Tufting gauge: .50″

Other Important Information

Primary backing: 6 oz. per square yard stabilized dual layered woven polypropylene
Secondary backing: 24 oz. per square yard polyurethane
Total weight: 80 oz. per square yard
Tufted roll width: 15′
Drainage Rate: 28” per square yard per hour

Infil Information

Colors:Green, Black, or Natural

Type: Quality Infill
Weight: 1.5-2.0 lbs Per Square Foot
Height: Approx. 0.5-0.75 Inches