By now, you’re well aware that Gov. Jerry Brown has issued a 25% mandatory water reduction in all of California’s cities and towns. That’s the bad news.

Now for the good news: You still can apply for a rebate to have your lawn removed. Yet, time is winding down to get your pre-rebate application in to your local water authority. Fortunately, these water rebate forms can be filled out online, but you need to provide a plan for what you’re going to replace your lawn with.

The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) is offering up to $2 per square foot for lawn removal. And the Department of Water and Power (DWP) is offering another $1.75 per square foot for lawn removal.
Yet, not all cities are taking the MWD or the DWP up on their rebate offers. You need to check with your local municipality to see if these rebate programs apply to you.

Once your lawn is removed, what’s going to take its place?

Consider filling your empty yard with synthetic grass.

Indeed, today’s synthetic grass mimics live grass with its natural-looking green color, deep grass thickness, and variety of grass types to choose from. Plus, it provides a safe place for your kids to play. And it won’t allow weeds or grass to sprout after the lawn has been removed. If you allow grass to resprout after it’s removed, you won’t be eligible for the rebate. Since an artificial lawn installation covers the entire ground where your natural lawn used to be, grass won’t have a prayer to resprout.

The Nitty-Gritty of Water Rebates and Synthetic Grass

According to the LA Times article, “A Guide to Rebates on Drought-Tolerant Landscaping” (, the author, Taylor Goldenstein, writes that the MWD will accept artificial grass rebates from homeowners who want to rip out their natural lawns and replace it with fake grass.
However, you need to check with your city’s laws to make sure you’re allowed to install artificial grass to replace your natural turf. Goldenstein states that Pasadena doesn’t allow synthetic grass on homeowners’ lawns. And if you live in Glendale, you may only put it in your backyard, but not in your front yard.
Artificial grass is the future and soon enough all the cities, municipalities, agencies, homeowners association and state officials will be supporting the use of artificial grass even more than they are now. When the California governor says natural lawns are a thing of the past and ornamental grass can be used’ its sending a strong message of support for artificial grass. We cannot allow our water reserves to dwindle down. We need to save water for more important functions than the wasteful watering of natural lawns. The state will be rationing water and fining water violators sooner than expected. So now is the time to look at artificial grass as a substitute.

Artificial Grass’s Many Benefits

Why artificial grass? There are 12 benefits to replacing your real lawn with synthetic turf from Advanced Grass:

1. You’ll get a return on your investment right away, usually 5 to 7 years. You’ll cut your water bill and you’ll also avoid water fines. Plus, you’ll save money on lawn maintenance: You’ll no longer need to keep your lawn mower, and you won’t need to buy grass seed, fertilizer, herbicides, etc. to keep your lawn green and healthy.

2. You’ll reduce your water consumption. As you know, California is in big trouble when it comes to our water supply. By replacing your traditional lawn with an artificial one, you’ll be saving a lot of water. For example, you won’t need an irrigation system to water your live lawn anymore so you could save up to 300 gallons of water.

3. You’ll help reduce pollution. A push mower puffs out as much pollution as 11 cars in one hour. And a riding mower emits as much pollution as 34 cars within one hour. Since you won’t use your mower again, you’ll stop contributing to California’s pollution problem.

4. You won’t have to deal with grass clippings. You won’t have to bag and throw away grass clippings anymore. Grass clippings account for the third largest municipal solid waste.

5. You’ll reduce your asthma or seasonal allergy symptoms by installing artificial grass. Grass pollen is a popular allergen that affects many people. With artificial grass, you won’t have any pollen—which helps you and your neighbors breathe better.

6. Your artificial turf will stay green all year round. This low maintenance turf only needs an occasional spray down if you have pets. Periodically, you may need to use a leaf blower to remove debris. Otherwise, it stays green without you spending money and time applying fertilizers and lots of water to keep it that way.

7. Your kids and pets will love it because it looks great, feels good and is safe. Our artificial grass doesn’t contain lead or other harmful toxins.

8. You can use your beautiful artificial grass up to 365 days a year day and night. It lasts because it’s durable and will not turn yellow or brown.

9. Nobody will now the difference. Our artificial grass is extremely realistic and lush coming in a variety of shades of green with yellow and brown thatch mixed in the green blades.

10. Advanced Grass offers 8 year manufacturer warranty on all our synthetic grass products.

11. Advanced Grass has heat resistant technology to keep your turf cooler when conditions are hot compared to other artificial grass.

12. We offer an industry leading backing that is eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and drain water 4-5 times faster than normal black backing.

We Can Help You with Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

At Advanced Grass, we specialize in artificial grass. Many of our Advanced Grass landscape contractors are professionals that not only install artificial grass, but can help you design a drought-tolerant landscape (also called xeriscaping) that includes drought-tolerant, non-native plants, native plants, shrubs, trees, and wood chips to give your property a beautiful curb appeal as well as save you money and time.
Remember, your property needs to contain 40% of drought-tolerant plants once they reach maturity.
Our installers can also help you design permeable hardscaping into your property’s master plan, such as bricks, pavers, and stone that will allow water to be absorbed into the ground rather than puddling at the top.
We have experienced and professional, certified Advanced Grass installers to help you, the homeowner, get your turf removal rebate; remove your turf; and help you install our lush and realistic artificial grass.

Artificial Grass

Beautiful backyard using artificial grass. #Advanced Grass

Hurry! The rebate application deadline is June 30, 2015. You can apply for your turf rebate from Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of southern California ( and use that money to install artificial grass in your California yard.

Are you ready to apply for your artificial grass and turf removal rebate? Then call us at (800) 992-0887 or fill out our contact form at

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