EnviroFill infill

This is simply the best Infill coated sand for artificial grass ever made. It is safe for children and pets. It offers many benefits. First, it is cleaner, with Microban antimicrobial protection infusion that helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold nd mildew that could cause odors and stains. Also keeps the turf cooler; by as much as 25% cooler. It allows for low maintenance; no watering and no damage for pet waste. Its eco-friendly non-toxic natural infill. And is guaranteed for the life of your lawn.


Silica Sand Infill

Advanced Grass offers installer Silica Sand Infill in 100 pound bags in #16, #20 or #30 mesh and is natural in color. SuperSack bags may also be available for those bigger jobs. Our sand provides a perfect application for artificial glass infill. Advanced Grass has over 30 years experience and history in the mining of sand & gravel and has produced the highest quality sand materials. Therefore we are uniquely positioned to serve our installers needs for silica sand infill.


Advanced Turf Deodorizer

The only organic infill that helps eliminate urine odor in synthetic grass and cools turf fibers by evapotranspiration. Its perfect solution to all landscaping, dog runs, pet areas, kennels, pet boarding house, and playgrounds.


Playground and Lawn Padding

Our playground and lawn padding is ideal for use underneath turf and made from 100% recycled foam. It provides a soft landing cushioning for children. It is available in a variety of densities and dimensions. Most common size is 4’x6′ section and meets child fall height requirements. Its an ideal choice for any sports field, park or playground areas and is made to last for many years. It also enhances drainage under the turf. It is available in light, medium and high density.



Our adhesive is one of the industry best turf glues. It’s an eco-friendly, single part, moisture curing, polyurethane adhesive. It’s routinely used for sports fields, playground areas, and landscape artificial grass installations across the nation. Installers have been happily using this adhesive for many years as it is user friendly and works great. It is available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon buckets.


Seaming Tape

Our Advanced Grass seaming tape coupled with our seaming glue will yeild the perfect seam. It is perfect for all types of turf applications and absorbs glue through the entire surface. Its 12′ width allows for a larger surface area. Available by linear foot and 328 feet per roll.



Featured as the “glue” that holds your project together, Advanced Grass nails are designed with turf installation in mind. The six-inch 60D non-galvanized nails provide the same effect as a railroad tie spike. The nails will create a ball of rust in the ground, creating an almost irremovable fastening system. If it works on fastening train tracks in place, it will definitely work to fasten your turf surface.


Cups, Sticks, Flags and Poles

Advanced Grass offers a wide variety of golf cups and flags. We offer 4″ and 6″ cups in aluminium or plastic. Our flags range from checkered to solid in multiple color combinations and even custom flag designs. Wide selection of flag sticks in different sizes and colors are also available. Advanced Grass can fulfill all the need for a putting green installer.