Pet Turf: Perfect for Animals
& Your Whole Family

It’s about time your pup had a comfortable yard to roll around in. Reward your best friend this season with artificial pet grass. Artificial grass for dogs makes sense for any homeowner with canines, felines, or other furry friends that love to play. Aside from looking great, our pet turf offers durability and convenience.

Pet-friendly artificial grass is affordable and easy to maintain. Enjoy the soft, plush pet turf every time you walk out your back door. Safe environment, non-existent maintenance costs, and rebate opportunities are just a few of the reasons to order artificial grass for dogs from Advanced Grass.

We offer support, flexibility, and experience to help you install your pet-friendly grass. The list of benefits doesn’t stop there, though. There are a number of other factors for why you should switch over:

Pet Turf Is Cost-Friendly

Artificial pet grass means never having to water your lawn again — and that means savings. By installing our pet turf, you’ll easily cut your water bill by 15 percent. You’ll also never need to treat your yard again. Forget the landscaping charges for fertilizers, mowing, and trimming. Forget the hassle of doing all that work yourself, as well.

The time and money you save by installing pet friendly artificial grass will more than make up for the low cost of installation. Keep in mind that you may also be eligible for local water rebates. While others in your neighborhood are suffering through the drought season with brown grass and high maintenance bills, you’ll be enjoying a lush, cost-effective play space. It’s not too good to be true. Find out for yourself by getting started with a free quote from Advanced Grass.

A Variety of Choices

You’re not just limited to one or two selections with Advanced Grass. A wide selection of styles, features, and products are available to homeowners and contractors. Opt for the FastFlow backing system that moves liquids through at an increased pace. Or, select a playground turf system to keep your kids active during the summer months. And, don’t forget about the putting greens. Every dad needs some backyard time to hone his skills. All surfaces provide a natural green look, are environmentally safe, and are easy to maintain.

Superior Support

You have a question? Advanced Grass has the answer. Order a sample, find an installer, or just ask for more information by contacting the committed and knowledgeable team at Advanced Grass.

More Durability Than Natural Grass

Your current backyard can only stand up to so many soccer games, nights of playing catch, and your pets. Artificial pet grass is more durable and better looking. Your new yard will be able to withstand up to 3,000 hours of playtime every year without showing heavy wear and tear. Whether it’s weekend homerun derby games or playing with Fido, your yard will maintain a healthy, green look.

Safe for Pets and Athletes

If you have a soccer player, football star, or baseball lover in your family, artificial grass is perfect. Pet turf from Advanced Grass reduces injuries by almost half as much as a natural yard. The even surface and soft padding delivers a safe environment to keep your athlete on the field, not on the injury list. Recreation time just got a lot more fun thanks to the relief and security delivered by pet friendly artificial grass.

Getting Started With Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

It really is that easy to get started with your own pet-friendly artificial grass. With your projected savings, possible rebates, and a convenient financing system in place, you can have new pet turf installed in no time. Training and consulting services are always available for the do-it-yourselfers tackling artificial pet grass installation.

Whether you’re set on pet turf solutions, golf greens, or a landscape series, Advanced Grass has an option for everyone. Narrow down your pet turf by selecting the most desirable features. Then, sit back and enjoy a beautiful lawn that everyone in the family will love. Request a quote today or call 800-992-0887 to order or learn more.